Wardrobe De-cluttering

During this session I will go through your wardrobe and decipher what it is that suits you, your lifestyle and the image you want to portray. Many women wear clothes that do nothing to enhance their bodies, their complexion or their appearance in general.

Key items will be identified, outfits will be co-ordinated and a shopping list will be compiled to help put the finishing touches to a wardrobe that will be personalised for you. Items that are no longer appropriate for you to wear will be removed. You may then choose to select a charity shop that you can donate them to, or you may choose to have a swap party or sell them on Ebay. Your options are endless!

The overall aim of the session is to leave you with a wardrobe that is free from clutter and only contains clothes that make you look and feel fabulous everyday.

The session can last anything between 2 and 4 hours depending on the amount of clothing/wardrobes you have.