Teenager Workshops

These are the most influential years in our lives. Much of our confidence is either built upon or unfortunately diminished during these years.

During these sessions, I cover “What To” and “What Not To Wear”. I help teenagers to see their own individual beauty and not to waste time trying to look like airbrushed images so frequently viewed on the magazine covers and in all aspects of the media.

I will give a demonstration and advise on basic skin care and make up application. I inform the group of the positive and negative aspects of wearing too much make-up and other beauty products.

I educate the group on dressing appropriately and not being a fashion victim.

Body shapes and colours are discussed with an emphasis on learning to love the body you have, as it is unique.

I will discuss hair care and maintenance and bring along samples of products.

I can also incorporate a session on confidence building and the effects of peer pressure.

The session is planned in conjunction with the teacher and the group in question and each session is tailor made for the group. Boys and girls can be catered for, however, in separate sessions. The topics covered depend on the length of time allocated for the session.