Personal Shopping

This can be very stressful for some, so why not enlist the help of a professional to help make the experience a productive and fun one?

A personal shopping trip can be booked as a follow on to a wardrobe de-cluttering session, or totally out of the blue. Many individuals just want help searching for a particular outfit for a specific occasion.

Others may require a full wardrobe revamp. It is also perfectly acceptable to go on a shopping trip and not purchase one item.

You will, however, always receive the many benefits of having a professional stylist with you, these include, styling tips, educating the eye, colours that enhance, putting the whole look together and many more.

Each shopping trip is tailor-made for the individual in question. The shopping trip can last anything between 2 and 4 hours for an individual.

If more than one person is to be accompanied on the trip, times may vary. Why not put the fun back into shopping and get your comfy shoes on and let me do what I do best, SHOP!!!