Interview dressing and skills

interview.jpgMany people are really nervous about the prospect of being called for an interview. Particularly in current times when jobs are somewhat scarcer than ever, we need to make an impression. In my view there is no better way to make an impression than by donning that simple but perfect outfit.

So what does one wear? This question and many more will be answered during this session. Whether you want your stylist to accompany you on a trip to purchase that special outfit or to visit your residence to check out your current wardrobe, it’s entirely up to you. This session can be booked on a one to one or for a group of people, ie recruitment agencies, back to work group, or job seekers etc.

The option of confidence coaching, question and answer sessions or mock interviewing can also be arranged. The important thing to remember is you have to sell yourself from the minute you walk into that room, so appearance can cost a lot!