Hair and Beauty Tips

As a Style Coach, I am in a position to advise you on your face shape and suggest styles that would best suit your face, your lifestyle and your personality.

I can incorporate face analysis into the Body Shape analysis session or I can do it independently.

Together we can look through hair magazines and choose a style that is appropriate. We can also use many of the websites available to upload a picture and try on many different hairstyles and see which one compliments you most.

I will also give you many tips on how to care for your hair and easy steps to maintaining that salon look in between visits.

Basic skin care and makeup demonstration are some of the topics covered during this session. Fake tan, exfoliation, skin brushing, hair removal, and laser treatments are other topics that can be included at your request.

No practical will take place, however, the do’s, dont’s and expert tips will be relayed.

I work closely with many of the Hair and Beauty Salons around the North West and I am happy to recommend various therapists and salons for the particular needs you may have.