Girly Nights/Hen Parties

This is a really fun way to spend the evening/afternoon. The session can be organised around a chosen theme eg Sex and the City (cocktail wear), Denim Day ( jeans), Black dress (LBD) etc.

I will go to your chosen venue and bring with me a selection of up-to- date fashion items, accessories, beauty products and some storage solutions.

Generally I will start the session explaining the different body shapes and show what clothes would be appropriate for each. I will then progress on to selecting the appropriate shoes, bags and jewellery to compliment the various shapes.

Depending on the length of the session booked (usually 2-3 hours) I will talk about “must have” beauty products, basic skin/hair care, wardrobe organisation, and the importance of selecting the correct colours for you. During the booking stage I will send a list of the topics to the organiser of the session and they can select which topics they want covered on the chosen night/afternoon.

This session is suitable for all age groups of small or large size.