Colour Consultation

During this session you will discover what your ‘wow’ colours are. This session can be carried out independently or in conjunction with either the wardrobe de-cluttering session or the shopping trip.

Personally, I do not like the idea of boxing people into seasons as I believe this is very prescriptive and can be restrictive. I do however inform people of their wow colours, their good colours, and their not so flattering colours.

The aim is to discover what colours enhance ones eye colour, complexion and hair colouring.

While learning what colours enhance our features, I will also inform you of the colours you should avoid.

If you chose to have a colour consultation session independently of the other sessions I will use in excess of 50 large pashmina’s to decipher your personalised colour palette. I will give you a record of these colours to take with you, and I will include a booklet on all colour combinations to help you mix and match your colours.